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The Research Solution Team of ISRS Ltd is a firm that provides excellent research consultancy for undergraduate projects, masters theses and Ph.D dissertations in any field of study.We also package individuals and groups for lucrative research grants as well as conduct research consultancy for local and multinational companies.

We teach and guide students to package excellent project, thesis and dissertation. Don't give up on that your postgraduate work. We can be of great help.

Why spend hours in cybercafé searching for your research material in futility? Why not save your time and money knowing that we can help you achieve this for just a token?

For your research material in social sciences, natural/physical sciences, engineering, law, management, art etc

We also have team of experts that executes research projects for multinational bodies, researching funding organizations and institutions.

Our company also have team of academics at all level that organizes highly innovative aptitude test for company that wants to recruit sound graduates as staff as well as undergraduates for industrial training. Honesty and team play remain our pathway to success. Our excellent consultancy services can be summarize as follows:

  • Undergraduate projects
  • Postgraduate research
  • Packaging individuals and groups for lucrative research grants
  • Sourcing of academic materials such as books, Journal papers, conference papers at a cheaper price etc.
  • Sourcing of analysis and any type of software at a very affordable price
  • Research publications for promotion at workplace and national development

Visit our office or mail us from any part of the globe for excellent services from our sound team of researchers.

Address:Ehimiri Shopping Plaza/NPF Zone 9 Junction Umuahia, Nigeria.
Research:+2348159412051, +2348033637057.
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Opening Hours:Mon. - Fri.: 08:00 - 19:00

Contact us for your assignments, essays, term papers, thesis and dissertation. We are experts in helping you deliver plagiarism free research content in the shortest possible time. We have team of experienced and well motivated academic writers with exceptional research skills.

Why should you choose Infinite Success Research Solution Ltd?


  • We have team of experienced academic writers with exceptional skills
  • We organize classes that would help you understand what we have done,so that you cannot only defend it but also develop interest in research.
  • Guaranteed on time delivery
  • Your materials can be delivered to you online or otherwise depending on your choice.
  • Prompt response to your inquiries